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On this page you will find a collection of tips that might help you on the process of solving the client’s problem.

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Follow these tips to get the max amount of duration from the battery:

1 – Turn off the hotspot when it is not being used.

2 – Dimming the brightness of the display may save you some battery, you can change the brightness of the display by following these steps:

Versions > 1.32

1 – Go into Apps.

2 – Click Brightness option.

3 – Change Brightness by sliding the bar.

 Versions 2.x.x

1 – Go into Menu.

2 – Go into Device Help.

3 – Click Device Settings.

4 – There should be a brightness slider on the top.

3 – When using the GPS make sure to turn off the screen if you are not navigating since the GPS will keep the screen on even if you are not using it.

4 – Use the Car charger whenever possible to maintain or even increase the battery level if not being used.

5 – If for some reason you turned on the WIFI adapter of the device please turn it off by following these steps:

Versions <= 1.32

1 – Go into Apps.

2 – Click WIFI option.

3 – There should be a toggle on the top to disable WIFI adapter.

Versions 2.x.x

1 – Go into Menu

2 – Go into Device Help.

3 – Click Device Settings.

4 – One of the options should be external WIFI.

5 – On the top of that screen there should be a toggle to disable the WIFI.

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